Things that are easy to overlook on the landing page

The flower of online marketing is the landing page. 구글 최적화 This is because all the marketing activities we do on the Internet, such as Naver’s top exposure, Google ads, YouTube content, and SNS activities, are the last destination. We have to do everything we can to get the customer to do what we want at that destination. This is called a transition. The purpose of the landing page is to maximize the conversion rate.

Exposure Count / Click Rate / Transition Count

To understand the landing page, let’s take a quick look at how customers get to the landing page.

Number of exposures

SEO or SEM is the same. It’s difficult, you can think of SEO as content on the web and SEM as advertising. The number of exposures can be considered whether your content or advertisement was shown on the web. When content or advertising is exposed somewhere on the web, the journey to your landing page begins.

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Click Rate

You don’t necessarily click on exposed content or ads. You need to create a phrase or image that you want to click on. It’d be nice to use the YouTube thumbnail, right?

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Number of conversions

If you clicked on the content or advertisement, you would lead the customer to your landing page. At that time, the customer’s desired action (e.g., purchase, contact, etc.) resulted in a transition.

The best thing is to learn all of these processes and teach them to delegate them. It takes some time to understand overall, but individual parts are not that difficult. However, this overall understanding is difficult and often leaves it to the company. I think it’s better to be careful when you leave it to the company.

1. Companies that pull out without understanding

This is usually the case when a design company or marketing agency works on a landing page. What’s unfortunate is that if you focus only on pretty designs and cool phrases, you often don’t see the entire website itself. It would be possible if you are a marketer and have a high understanding of design and the web, but it is a difficult part for ordinary agencies.

2. Those who think of landing pages as detailed pages

What is the decisive difference between landing page and shopping mall detail page? It’s whether you can put an interactive element. What am I talking about? For shopping mall detail pages, it is best to include text and images, and recently, gif. But the landing page is a little different. I put a button in the middle

As soon as you enter the site, a survey appears suddenly.

Also, considering the location and layout of the buttons, LPO (landing page optimization, or landing page optimization) opens up infinite possibilities. It’s not just about writing sentences that lead people and writing attractive images. I’ll continue to blog about this. If you add a blog neighbor or add a Kakaotalk channel below, we will send you a new post alarm.

Creating a proper landing page is the ultimate in online marketing.