MEXC Exchange, a major exchange

If you’re interested in coin trading at all, you’ve heard of Referrals or Cellulars. If you can do it, it is a system that is unconditionally beneficial rather than not doing it. If you use it well, you can make a profit or save a lot of transaction fees. MEXC 거래소 코인 Today, I’m going to explain the concept of “reparallel” and “self-peripheral” easily and even introduce you to how you actually do it.

In particular, in the case of the MEXC exchange that I will guide you today, it is a major exchange that is always in the top 10 based on the coin market cap, but it is possible to refer to and sell under very good conditions.

MEXC Exchange, a major exchange

The MEXC exchange has many advantages. First of all, not only does it support perfect Hangul, but it can also provide 24-hour Korean counseling at the real-time customer center. In addition, the number of coins that can be traded in futures is the largest among major exchanges and the volume of transactions is abundant.

In addition, if you become a reference on the MEXC exchange and do a self-permanent, the commission will be much lower than the regular discount.

For example, in exchanges such as By#S, By#T, or #Tget, the designated price fee is usually about 0.02%, and the market price fee is about 0.04 to 0.06%. And if you become a reference of these exchanges and do a cell-permanent, the fee you can get back as a cell-permanent is up to 20-40%.

In comparison, in the case of MEXC Exchange, when you sign up for my link, the basic designated price fee is 0.02%, the market price fee is 0.04%, and if you do cell work, you will get a fixed 50% back, so the actual designated price fee is 0.01% and the market price fee is 0.02%. Additionally, 10% of the daily fee will be automatically refunded separately, so a lower fee will actually be applied.

So I’m going to give you an easy explanation of what “reperal” and “self-peripheral” are and how to do this.

The Concepts of Referrals and Cellulars

In short, ‘reperal’ is a person who makes a contract with the exchange and conducts exchange marketing. Let’s call it A. Let’s say that A promotes the exchange through blogs, YouTube, and other various media, and through that promotion, user B signed up and traded. As compensation for promoting the exchange, A receives a certain percentage of the fees incurred by Subscriber B’s transaction from the exchange. This is what we call the “reperal” system. Here, ‘reperal’ means A.

Then is there no benefit for subscriber B? No, in the case of subscriber B, if you sign up without a link from reference A, you usually don’s Since B signed up through the fee discount link provided by A, B will also be able to make a transaction while receiving the discounted fee. So it’s a win-win relationship.

But this time, let’s think about creating another account C of A through the invitation link of A. The A (reparallel account) account and the C (account joined as A’s invitation link) account are different accounts, but they are actually A’s. And A proceeds with the transaction to account C. Then, a certain percentage of the commission transaction to account C will be paid as compensation to account A. As a result, since A signed up for the discount link, he will receive a certain percentage of his transaction fee back as a commission in addition to trading at a discounted commission rate. At this time, trading with a self-created account C is called a cellular.Furthermore, if this % is high, the actual transaction fee is extremely low. That’s why a lot of people are doing self-performance.

So in summary, the referrer is someone who can issue a discount link for fees and receive a certain percentage of the fees incurred in the subscriber’s transaction as compensation. And ‘cellular’ is to get your own transaction fee back by trading on an account that you signed up for when you were a reference.

Now let’s look at how to become a “reperal” that has to be done first to become a “self-permanent.”

Referrals and how to do self-purals

As I explained, in order to do “self-real”, you must first become “reperal”.

Usually, each exchange receives an application and judges the process of becoming a reference. In most cases, you can apply after checking marketing methods such as blogs, YouTubers, and influencers. The commission rate that can be discounted to the subscriber through the invitation link when it becomes a reference and the commission rate that the subscriber receives when trading are different. This discount rate and commission rate can be high under certain conditions or performance.

In this way, you apply to the exchange to become a reference, and the exchange examines it to determine the subscriber discount rate and the relative commission rate.

If you are not engaged in activities such as influencer or blogger YouTube, it may be burdensome to apply to the exchange for qualifications. It is also burdensome to keep the discount rate that you can discount by attracting a certain number of subscribers.

What’s the advantage if you apply to me?

If you consult with me, the top partner of the MEXC exchange, we do not conduct strict screening like the exchange, so you can immediately become a reference without any marketing requirements, receive an admin account, and manage invitation link generation and commission. That’s not all. In the case of the MEXC exchange, the discount rate of fees that subscribers receive when they sign up as an invitation link that can be created by the reference is more than 90% when the designation price is 0.02% and the market price is 0.06%. However, if you apply to me, you will become a reference and when you create an invitation link, the subscriber of the link will be SVIP grade that can be applied with a designated price of 0.02% and a market price of 0.004%.Because of this, marketing or self-performance is more advantageous than other partners. In addition, 50% of the commission rate that subscribers return to the referrer when trading is fixed, which is much higher than other exchanges such as By#T, Bit#, and Bar#Nance. I don’t think there’s a higher commission rate among major exchanges. This is because this commission rate is exactly the same as mine. I will give you the highest commission rate that I can set. Also, in the case of the MEXC exchange, I cannot change the commission rate that I set once. In other words, the so-called “eat and run” incident in which the commission set up suddenly changes as in the case of the Bit# exchange does not occur in the first place.

So if you become a reference (manager) through me, you can first conduct marketing yourself and get 50% of the subscriber’s transaction fee back throughout your life (commission). In addition, if you do not engage in marketing activities, if you create another account with an invitation link and trade with that account, you will receive 0.02% of the already discounted fee, 0.04% of the market price, and 50% of the commission, so you can actually trade with 0.01% of the market price (cellular). On top of that, the MEXC Exchange automatically reimburses 10% of the fee every day. If you look at the SPOT account every day, you can see that the USDT is increasing little by little. So the actual transaction fee is going to be even lower than this. In addition, there are various airdrops and experience fees such as M-day events every day, so the fee burden is even lower.

It’s very advantageous if you make a reference (administrator, administrator) ID like this. Let me show you how to make a reference.

How to apply for a reference

Step 1: Sign up for the MEXC Exchange and certify KYC

① First, you need to join the MEXC exchange through my subscription link through the top banner or the posting below. How to sign up is easily explained in the posting below. You can create an ID using your email as your ID. This email can also be the ID of the administrator account (admin) that I create, so please sign up by email. Even if you have already joined the MEXC exchange, you can sign up again with my link.

② If you signed up through my link (Account A), you need to certify KYC now. You need to authenticate with KYC to make a deposit and withdrawal. You can use the posting below to sign up for the exchange and certify KYC.

For your information, KYC certification on the MEXC exchange can be done up to three times each with a resident registration card, a driver’s license, and a passport.Both your reference account (A) and cell account (B) must be KYC certified to deposit and withdraw money respectively, so you need KYC certified number 2 to perform reference and cell banking through me. If you are already joining the MEXC exchange and have one KYC certification ID, it is fine, but if you already have more than two KYC certification IDs, you may have to delete the existing ID (account) first to refer to it through me. I will explain how to request the MEXC exchange to delete a specific account separately below.

Step 2: Obtain an admin account

MEXC Referrals, Cellular Applications 1:1 Open Chat

If you have signed up for MEXC Exchange through my link and completed KYC certification, you can now apply for Kakao Talk 1:1 Open Talk by pressing the banner above or the banner at the top of the blog. On Open Talk, you can let me know the UID and subscription email of your new MEXC ID. I need these two pieces of information to create an admin account for you. After you give me two pieces of information, I will create an administrator account and let you know the MEXC administrator site and your password within 24 hours at the latest.